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What You Need To Know About Self Defense Products

If you are afraid of walking alone at night, then you are not the only one, as a lot of people, mainly women are afraid of going at on their own after dark. Not one night passes without there being an attack report being filed, and as such, your fear is justified. You should be ready to defend yourself should anything happen. Being ready does not mean that you have to take self defense classes or own a gun. Today, there are a lot of non-lethal weapons being sold both online and offline, which you can use to defend yourself without much struggle. The demand for self defense weapons from this homepage has been on a constant rise because of increased insecurity in many parts of the globe and also because they are easy and convenient to use. Here, we look at some common self defense weapons, and attributes each good weapon should have.

Firstly, we have tasers and stun guns. Many people think that these two are the same, while they are quite different. The main difference between the two is the need for contact since stun guns require contact, but tasers do not. Stun guns are recommended for people who can defend themselves physically. The two weapons are effective when it comes to self defense at because they render attackers immobile, allowing you to run away.

Pepper spray is another great option. This product is mainly used by women. Pepper spray is one of the top-ranked self defense products in the market today because of its affordability and ease of use. Pepper sprays slow down attackers when sprayed to their eyes.

Third on our list is a folding knife. A folding knife is attractive and small, meaning that it can fit anywhere. To prevent accidents and guarantee effectiveness, ensure that you undergo training before you use folding knives. Though a lot of assailants run away when knives are involved, it is vital that you learn to use it in case your assailant is not deterred by the sight of one. Visit this website at for more info about self defence.

When buying a self defense product, ensure that you go for one that is small in size but has a large impact. The best self defense weapon is one you can carry around and remove without your attacker noticing. Small products allow you to maintain the element of surprise, which is vital when dealing with assailants. Apart from size, also look at impact since you need a weapon that either immobilizes your attacker or slows them down enough for you to seek help.

A self defense product’s ease of use also needs to be considered before making a purchase. An easy to use product is recommended because most times, adrenaline produced during an attack clouds one’s thinking.

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