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Benefits of Self-Defense Weapon for Women

35% of women around the world report having dealt with violence at some point in their life. A lot of women are afraid of being attacked by strangers and even people they know. The attacks happen in the dark most times or even during the day at deserted places. Thus, carrying self-defense weapons is necessary. They range from pepper sprays to pocket knives. Every woman should have at least one of these in her purse all the time. To know more about the benefits of self-defense weapons for women you should keep on reading. To start with, you will know that you can fight back when attacked.

A lot of attackers are usually men which means they can easily overpower women. Therefore, not many women can defend themselves physically against them. You will have a chance to remove yourself from the situation should you pepper spray them or you can even call for help. On the same note, stabbing someone or electrocuting them will give you the same chance. It will take a much shorter time to save yourself if you have a way of defending yourself. Calling 911 is highly recommended but it will take some time before the police can show up. It won't be that difficult for you to save yourself if you are harmed with a self-defense weapon. Learn more about self defence at

It is even better that the companies that design Women On Guard self-defense weapons for women chose designs that are just like the everyday items this gender uses. Some resemble a pen, lipsticks and so on. This means you may even keep it at hand in preparation to attack in case of anything and people won't suspect it is a weapon. Thus, you have the element of surprise in case of an attack. Even a few seconds matter a lot and you have to consider that when making a decision. It is important to put in place measures to save yourself when you are attacked given that it will be your life on the line.

Most of the self-defense weapons are affordable and in most cases, you only have to buy them once. On the same note, it will not be that difficult to maintain them. Women actually need them. You may end up in a situation you had not anticipated and having these weapons will make you confident that you will still get home safe. No matter how much you had planned to get home early sometimes that might not be the case and that might make things quite difficult. In ideal world women wouldn't have to worry about this but it does happen. Be sure to visit here!

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